Best Wildlife Photography Tips for Beginners

wildlife photographyIf you are the type of photographer who loves adventures and wildlife conservation, then wildlife photography might be the best form of photography for you. Pretty sure quite many of us grew up reading and following the National Geography. Some of us feel ecstatic when we see wildlife being featured on television and in magazines Videos and photos of wildlife are also interesting to see because it brings awareness on how important animals and our surroundings are for us humans.

Wildlife photographers are among the few who manage to meet wildlife animals for real and even capture amazing pictures of them. Looking at wildlife photos taken by great photographers give us a certain feeling of being in the exact environment where you can find these animals.

If you are interested in getting into wildlife, then you should know ahead that being a wildlife photographer is challenging. It won’t be easy but it is definitely worth giving a try especially if you are really passionate about photography and the wildlife. You have to learn first the basics in order to be successful. Listed below are some beginner’s tips on how to become successful in wildlife photography.

  1. Always do a research before the shoot

Wildlife photography is not similar to the common portrait shots we take in a studio. With wildlife photography, you will need to go outdoors in location which not all people get to visit. There are dangers that might be lurking in your chosen location, so you will have to research about the location so you can plan ahead for the shoot. You can better prepare safety gear when you think it is necessary in that location. Some animals can be wild so you will need to keep yourself safe and protected. You can also plan early on what kind of shots to take and what accessories to bring aside from the essential camera and lenses.

  1. Pack your stuff early

Apart from the photography equipment that you will bring, consider also bringing your personal stuff especially if you are shooting in a faraway location. Decide what items are important and avoid bring unnecessary ones that can take up too much space in your bag. It will be difficult to travel or move with a big pack especially if a wild animal suddenly attacks you.

  1. Invest in a great quality camera bag

Since you will be going to places to take pictures of the wildlife, it is important that you invest in a nice but tough camera bag. Your camera bag will protect your valuable camera, lenses, accessories and even your personal items. Check different cameras and evaluate each model so you can get the right one that best protects your gear. Even photographers specializing in quirky wedding photography make sure to choose the most suitable one for their field. Some of the features of great camera bags are weatherproof, water resistant, with padding inside, spacious and lightweight.

  1. Prepare to keep yourself safe and ready for any bad occurrences

If upon research you found out that there are dangerous animals in the area, avoid getting near and just position yourself from afar. Use a long lens to capture shots of the wild animal and be ready for any possible attack. Know also ahead where or how you can contact other people in case of emergency.

Wildlife photography can be challenging but can be made easy by preparing completely for every photo shoot you take.

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What Factor Can Affect Your New Photography Business

photography businessBecoming successful in a business that you have started will surely bring so much joy and pride. It is not easy to start, manage and grow your business especially if the market is too competitive. For those who decided to start a photography business, it is certainly not easy hard to penetrate the photography industry and reach your target market. There are factors that can affect the success of your photography business and by knowing them, you can better plan and strategize.

The Location

This is certainly one of the most important factors when starting a photography business or even any other. You need to find the most ideal, if not perfect location to put up your photo studio. For those who don’t usually take pictures in a studio, you still need to find a space where you can keep your valuable equipment and do other stuff like editing images.

Here are the things to consider when looking for the perfect location

  1. It should be safe and easily accessible to your customers. Our kent wedding photographer certainly agrees that the location must be safe and conducive for a photo shoot.
  2. The room must be spacious and have a high ceiling so you can bounce off light when necessary or you can move around when taking shots.
  3. The location must give some privacy to the clients. A spot should be allocated for waiting customers while another area is for the actual photo shoot.
  4. The room preferably faces the direction of the sun so you can have access to natural light. Just add window drapes to lessen the brightness when needed.

The Way You Dress

You need to always look decent, smart and professional. Appearance matters especially when meeting new clients so you can gain their trust. Make sure you always wear clean, well-pressed clothes and not in your rugged jeans and shirt. You must look neat and your place must look organized. Keep in mind that some people may judge you on your appearance so you must consider becoming conscious with how you carry yourself. This professional wedding photographer Hampshire is a role model for you to emulate.

The Team

Unless you are planning to work alone and without a photo studio, your photography business will surely succeed more if team effort is shown or applied. You can hire a second shooter or an assistant to help you during a pictorial or in cleaning the studio when not in use. You can even impart your knowledge to them so in case you get sick they can replace you. Treat them well so they will feel motivated to do their job well. Remember that most successful businesses are those who are handled well by a group working harmoniously for the common good.

  1. The cost

One thing that you may want to consider in finalizing your working rate is the day-to-day cost of running your business. You have to manage your finance well, plan the pricing carefully based on the market and pay necessary taxes, etc. Create a list of everything you need to pay so you don’t miss any deadline. Also, do a market research on what the prices your competitors have set and what seems reasonable to offer to your target customers.

At the start, you may not have the plenty of clients and that is normal. Do not get disappointed if that happens but instead continue to look and apply new marketing strategies to promote your business even more. It usually takes months or even a year for a photography business owner to get a return of investment so just be patient and continue doing great in photography.

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Traditional vs. Reportage Wedding Photography: Learn the Difference

With the evolution of photography and media in recent years, there is also an evolution happening as well in the realm of wedding photography. This evolution has brought about not only change in the style of capturing photographs of such events.

In particular, this has brought up two different and distinct styles of wedding photography: the traditional wedding photography and the reportage wedding photography. Quite often, this has been a subject of debate among wedding photographers as to which is the best, not to mention a source of confusion among those who are about to getting married not only on the aspect of what they are but also as to which would be the best for them.

To answer these questions, it is important first to know what these different wedding photography styles are about and what they bring to the table as far as the output is concerned.



As the term implies, traditional wedding photography is the oldest style of wedding photography that has been practiced by photographers for years since photography began. It is the photography style your parents and the ones before them were used to when they got married.

Traditional wedding photography is considered to be the more “rigid” and “predictable” style as the photographer has taken note of a set of moments to capture, with everything planned out beforehand. It usually is characterized by formal setups with people looking stiff at the camera. As such, candid moments are rarely captured by this type of wedding photography, creating an impression that the images produced look “fake” or “stiff” in the sense that the genuine emotions of a wedding are not perfectly encapsulated by these images.

Also due to the “rigid” nature of this photography style, it is also a style that is time consuming. Photographers of this style take more time in setting up the areas where the photos will be taken and other pertinent details of the shots to be planned, making sure the elements are set up the way the photographer envisioned it to be.


The name may imply that there is an element of a documentary or journalistic report. In essence, that is what reportage wedding photography tries to convey with the photos. This style of photography has become more popular in recent years as the preference for realism in photography has become the trend around the same time. Current trends indicate that this particular wedding photography style is the style of choice among many couples who plan to get married.


Reportage wedding photography aims to tell the story of the wedding as it happens naturally, with less to no direction or supervision being provided by the photographer. Thus, raw, spontaneous moments and emotions of people at the wedding are captured. For photographers, they get more freedom to capture any moment that are noted to be recorded, without having to rely on a preplanned list of moments to be taken.


With such contrastiwedding-663214_1280ng styles and approaches that are popular in wedding photography these days, there are some photographers who manage to combine elements of both styles into one. It would not be surprising to see in their portfolios some photos of a wedding shot in reportage style while other photos were taken in the traditional style. In addition, employing both styles provide an opportunity for photographers to be creative in documenting the wedding, employing one particular style in moments that may be deemed appropriate by the photographer.

Nevertheless, there is a dominant style that can be gleaned at such photos, as only a few photographers have managed to acquire true expertise of both styles. More often than not, majority of the photographers choose to develop expertise in a single style of photography and at times, employ elements of other styles to make a unique photography style that will be distinguished from the rest.


Now that we know the different wedding photography styles, the question remains as to which one you would choose. Ultimately, the choice of wedding photography style is up to personal preferences as each style is suited to fit certain preferences and tastes of the couple.

If you have yet to decide on a photography style you would like to see in your wedding, check out the works of different photographers like Alex Smith who employ either style of photography and see which style you would prefer. After all, a wedding is your moment and you get the freedom to choose which style would capture your moment the way you want it.

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Choosing the Right Dress for Your Beach Wedding

beach wedding dressWhen preparing for a wedding, one of the first things that the couple thinks about is the wedding dress. The bride normally visualizes how she would look like in her wedding gown during this momentous event. She, of course, desires to look her best for this very special day.

The choice of wedding gown usually depends on the bride’s body type, price, wedding theme and of course the location. In traditional indoor weddings, the wedding dress is long and usually with a flowing train. But then, in destination weddings, the wedding gown might need to look different.

Destination weddings, particularly beach weddings, are mostly planned differently from traditional weddings. The decors, wedding theme, food, number of guests and even the wedding gown are fairly different.

If you are currently planning your destination wedding and are looking for ideas on how to choose the right wedding dress, then here are some important factors to consider during the selection process.


Like in other weddings, the couple should mutually agree on how to divide their wedding budget to the things they need to spend on. They need to decide on how much they can spend on their outfits. For brides, a designer wedding gown normally costs higher than regular wedding dresses so as a bride you will need to think carefully if you can really afford a designer gown.

Additionally, a beach wedding gown is expected to be lighter and less formal than traditional wedding gowns thus most often than not, a beach wedding dress is cheaper than a ballroom type wedding dress.


Choosing the right fabric of a wedding dress is important when planning on your wedding gown. Lightweight fabrics like sheer are more suitable for beach wedding gowns because it is not too thick or heavy.

A heavy and think wedding gown can make you feel uncomfortable especially when the wedding ceremony is held outdoors on a hot weather. It is also easier to march on the sand towards your partner if you are wearing a thick, long, and heavy bridal gown.

For a more unique, creative gown, you can choose tropical colors to match the location of your wedding. Browse magazines or check online to find more interesting designs, styles and colors. You can also possibly get ideas from websites of professional wedding photographers like this kent wedding photography site.


Wedding gowns are customarily long and with a flowing train. For beach weddings, it is not that necessary to wear a long dress because it is difficult to walk on the sand with a lengthy trail. An example of a suitable wedding dress design is a tea length gown.

You can also check bridal magazines to get more ideas on what gown styles are better for beach weddings.

Remember to find fitting footwear to use for your beach wedding. Heels are not that suitable for outdoor beach wedding setups because it will sink in the sand. Consider wearing flat shoes or slip-ons so you will feel more comfortable and relaxed.

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Tips for A Great Pregnancy Photography

Maternity Photography is a recent phenomenon as far as photography genres are concerned. Its popularity coincided as well with a greater degree of acceptance that pregnancy is not “unsexy” as some had contended in the past but rather as a progressive approach in celebrating the forthcoming motherhood.


Nevertheless, it can be uncomfortable for some women to be photographed at this moment of their lives. And as a photographer, whether you’re a Baby Photographer London it is your job to make sure she gets to stand out well in her pregnancy. Here are some ways to achieve that.

1- Be creative with the camera angle

A different camera angle from the normal shooting angle helps create some artistic shots, even for pregnancy photography. For instance, getting up high and shooting down on your subject is a sure fire way to project a slimming portrait. This creates the illusion of elongating the body and thus it has a wonderful slimming effect, whether pregnant or otherwise.

2- Angle the subject

If you turn your subject, even just slightly, you’ll notice that the angle is much more flattering which in turn hides the pregnancy even just a little. The beauty of this pose is that it hides the booty, so to speak, while still maintaining the slimming angle of the stomach. Shooting the stomach from the side is almost always more flattering, as it allows you to see the curve of the back, thus making the subject look pregnant.


3-Try some abstract shots

One can try being artistic doing these pregnancy photos by harnessing the elements serving to obscure the baby bump a bit without hiding the pregnancy or obscuring the subject overall.

4-Put the father in the equation

There is something romantic and lovely seeing the husband be part of the wife’s pregnancy shoot. For one, it strengthens in a way the love between them. And also, it reinforces the husband’s pivotal role in the forthcoming birth of their offspring. Having the husband be part of the shoot makes the photo a deep and personal one that will be appreciated and treasured for years to come.

5-Take it seriously

As with any photography shoot, as a photographer you should be serious in making sure the job gets to be done right. This involves something special for the subjects that one cannot afford to make them look bad. Take it with a bit of both personal and artistic touch and you will get magical and memorable results.

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5 Props Newborn Photographers Can’t Live Without

baby phootgraphyAs you may have noticed today, a lot of props are being used in newborn photography. These props are used to make the subject stand out and make the image as a whole appear more creative. An amateur newborn photographer might find it overwhelming to choose which props to buy among the many being offered in the market nowadays.

Well, there are props that considered the “basics” and more important while there are props that are not really that useful. If you are looking forward to buying only those that you can often use, then here are 5 props that most newborn photographers can’t live without.

  1. Wraps

Yes wraps are definitely the most popular and basic item that a photographer use one newborn photo sessions. A wrap is usually used as replacement for baby clothes and this is a good item to use the onset of the newborn photo session. Babies love to be wrapped because it gives them comfort and warmth. Make sure to buy only wraps that are smooth and won’t hurt the newborn’s sensitive skin.

  1. Beanbags

Beanbags are valuable items in newborn photography. The newborn photographer makes use of bean bags to elevate the baby especially when planning a specific pose like when the baby appears to be carrying his head with hands on the chin.  Cute poses can be easier to carry out with the help of bean bags. You can buy bean bags of different sizes and colors.

  1. Blankets

Blankets of different texture, sizes and colors are surely useful in newborn photo sessions. You need blankets to serve as flooring or background and you also need blankets where you can place your baby. The blankets where you will lay down the baby must be dust-free, smooth and newly washed.

There are blankets that really look great in the pictures. Check out the website of some newborn photographers to know what color and fabric are best to buy.

  1. Backdrop stand

The backdrop used in a photo session can of course have an impact on the overall look of an image. And yes a backdrop stand is important to hold the backdrop and keep it in place.  Even shropshire wedding photographer owns several backdrop stands which he uses whenever necessary. Some of the commonly used backdrop stands are pvc pipe box stand and medal stand. You can look for more ideas on how to create or improvise your own. You don’t need to spend too much on the backdrop stand. Just make sure it is not flimsy and no possible accident will happen.

  1. Hats or headbands

Hats or cute headbands that are made of soft fabric will surely make the newborn baby look more adorable in their baby portraits. You can find different baby hats in the market today. Purchase those that are tested safe for the baby. Remember that the baby’s head is still very soft and the newborn’s whole physique is delicate.

Other props that are worth buying are faux furs, wooden crates, baskets, and hats. Start buying the most essential and then later you can slowly purchase more items.

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Top 6 Tips in Becoming a Great Newborn Photographer

newborn photographyChoosing to become a newborn photographer has its advantages and challenges. You get to take pictures of very adorable subjects and have fun using props for more creative shots. And yet, it can also be nerve-racking especially if you are new to it. Skills, equipment and experience (or lack of it) are among the factors that can affect your success or failure in the field of newborn photography.

To become a great newborn photographer, you have set your into it and follow these simple yet important tips.

1. Be equipped with the right equipment

It won’t be possible to gain skills in photography particularly newborn photography if you are not equipped with a camera, lenses and other accessories. You need a dependable camera to practice shooting, lenses to produce your desired shots or images.

When it comes to newborn photography, you can choose a DSRL or mirrorless camera to use in photographing newborns. Of course, a DSLR gives sharper images but it is more expensive than mirrorless. If you can afford a DSLR, then go ahead and buy one. Great brands include Canon, Nikon and Sony.

2. Establish good relationship with clients

It is easier to do a task if you get along with the people around you. Same goes for newborn photographers, it will be easier for you to do you work if you know how to deal with parents and establish good relationships with them. Answer all questions from clients, give references, show your work portfolio and be totally honest with them. Assure them that their baby is safe in your hands.

If they have a good experience with you, then they will surely recommend you to their friends. Word of mouth can surely give your business a push higher towards success.

3. Choose safe props

Babies are delicate beings who really need to be handled with care. You need to choose props that are safe for the babies. Your blankets, baskets and other props must not cause any allergy or harm to the newborn. If the baby gets harmed due to negligence, then your career and business will be at risk. Always think of your clients’ welfare before and during the shoot.

4. Learn how to control the light

Available light is different from location to location. You need to master how to control the light in different situations. By mastering how and when to use light modifiers of how to produce the right light, you can surely produce more brilliant newborn shots which can quality you as a great newborn photographer.

5. Study the angles

Taking a course in newborn photography can help you learn how to take shots in different angles and techniques on how to do them. You will also be trained how to do the shoots properly. Experts will impart their knowledge to you and this can be very beneficial in making you a brilliant photographer.

6. Give priority to the baby

From the name itself “newborn photography”, you should already aware that in newborn photography, the focus is the baby. You need to think of every detail that might have a good or bad effect to the baby and to the photo shoot in general.

If you really love newborn photography, then you must show dedication and passion for it. Aim to become one of the greatest photographers. Start by following the tips above.

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Top 8 Football Photography Tips

footballFootball is a fun, thrilling and nerve-racking sport. The players in the field move fast that it is sometimes difficult to catch what’s happening. Photographers who cover football games surely need to be skilled and knowledgeable on football photography. These football photographers must be able to capture precious moments no matter how fast-paced and intense the game is.

Amateur sports photographers who will be covering football games soon will have to learn ways on how to cover this kind of sport. If you are interested to become a football photographer or just simply want to photography football games, then here are some tips for you.

  1. Understand the game

The first and most important thing to do is to understand the game. Know the basics of football and learn more specific details of the league you are planning to cover. By knowing how the game runs and how it played, you can plan better on when or how to take shots. You can anticipate what will happen next if you understand the game. The better you are at anticipating, the more chance of getting those precious action shots.

  1. Study your camera

Camera manufacturers offer different models with specific features intended for a purpose. Make sure to find time to learn, practice and understand how to set your camera. Know the shooting modes available in your camera. Most commonly used in football photography are shutter priority, aperture priority, continuous mode or similar.

  1. Practice and visit the field

Practice using your camera and visit the field or venue ahead of the anticipated game. Determine what the best angles are and where to position your camera. If it is your first time to cover a football game, make sure to practice a lot in preparation for the shoot.

  1. Bring a tripod

A tripod can provide stability for your camera and help lessen the burden of holding it by hand.  Cameras are generally heavy especially when long lenses are attached. You can compose your shots better if you place your DSLR on a tripod then use a zoom or telephoto lens to shoot.

  1. Use a telephoto and wide angle lenses

Since the football field is too huge and the action happens in the field, you need to use a telephoto lens and zoom in to take shots. The ideal length of the telephoto lens is 300mm f/2.8 or for better shots a 400mm telephoto lens. You can use the wide angle lens to capture the entire scene in the football game. Even wedding photographer andover uses  a wide angle lens when taking a shot of the wedding venue.

  1. Choose the right mode

When photographing a football game, you can set the mode to shutter priority to capture fast movement without getting blurry images. You can also set it to continuous focusing so the lens will adjust and choose on the correct subject to focus on.

It is also wise to adjust the shutter speed higher whenever necessary so you can capture sharp and not blurry images of the player in action.

  1. Check your ISO

Cameras have different ISO limitations thus it is vital for to check ahead on what is ISO capacity of your unit. You need to change the ISO levels depending on the available light. You should be able to control the ISO and shutter speed of your camera to get the shots right. Again, studying your own camera is vital. Visit for more help tips and ideas on professional photography.

  1. Focus on the who’s holding the ball

More intense and interesting actions usually happen where the ball is. Focus on where it’s going and get some shots of the player. The expression on a player’s face says a lot about the game so make sure to take some close up shots of the football players. It is also great if at times you take close up shots of the fans for it will certainly reflect how happy or nervous they are.

Try to use these tips and find more online so you can be more prepared for the big football day.

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6 Reasons to Go for a Destination Wedding

destination weddingGetting married in a location far from home sounds romantic.  It appears more unique than the traditional wedding that we often attend to in an indoor venue within the city. The thought of exchanging vows privately in a far-flung location appeals to more and more couples today. This is what we call as destination wedding.

Destination weddings are gaining more and more popularity among engaged couples today. These destination weddings are usually held in a private beach resort or a vacation spot in a different city or country. It requires the couple and their guests to travel to reach their destination (as the name indicates).

A lot of resorts and vacation spots are offering their place for a destination wedding. There are also many wedding planners who can give suggestions on what the best destination wedding locations are. It doesn’t have to be too far or too expensive. An important consideration is how private the wedding will be if done in that location.

If you are considering a destination wedding but you are not fully convinced that this is the good idea, then here are some reasons to go for a destination wedding.

  1. Easier to organize and setup

There are wedding companies or freelance wedding planners who can organize this for you. They can find the destination place and choose a photographer like wedding photographer Berkshire for you. They can book the tickets for you and your guests. Just make sure to find a professional one so you won’t get scammed.

  1. Limited guests

You can choose to limit the guests to only relatives and close friends. You don’t have to invite your boss or co-worker out of courtesy. You can just tell them that it is a private, family-only gathering. And since it is not within you hometown, some guests might not be able to make it. If possible, choose a location where traveling is not difficult. Find a place which is not too far so it won’t be too expensive and stressful to your guests.

  1. Cost-effective

Destination weddings generally cost less depending of course on the location. Most destination weddings are held in a beach resort or a tourist destination spot. This place won’ require too much decors and you can even where a more simple wedding outfit. Try to choose a venue that is not very far so you don’t have to spend too much for the air fare or travel expenses.

  1. Great family bonding

Your destination wedding can be a great time for your family to get together and bond. The wedding can be set as exclusive only to those who are dear to you and your partner.

  1. More unique and appealing

Most weddings are held within the hometown or city of the engaged couple. Having it in a unique, different location can make your wedding stand out thus it can get instilled in the minds and hearts of those who attended.

  1. Solemn and private

Destination weddings usually have less number of guests than traditional weddings. This makes destination weddings more solemn and private. There will be less unexpected happening or possibilities of having uninvited guests. It can really be solemn and private to you, your partner and those who are close to you. Make sure to hire a professional photographer as good as this Orange Country Wedding Photographer so the precious moments in your wedding will surely be captured perfectly.

A destination wedding can cost you less if you try to find the right destination spot. Go online and do a research then set the budget and prepare a checklist so you don’t forget anything. A wedding usually happens once in a lifetime so be prepared to make it successful and worth remembering.


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What You Need to Know About Reportage Wedding Photography

Taking photographs of an event can be difficult especially if it is a wedding. Wedding photographers need to carefully plan and prepare in covering the wedding.

It is not a simple shooting of event because the newlyweds will store the pictures you took. These wedding pictures should tell a unique story of the couple’s love and this story can be shared with the future generation on both sides.

As a wedding photographer, you need to be skilled and knowledgeable in taking pictures. You also need to develop your own style that will make you stand out among many professional wedding photographers.

There are different basic photography styles that you can choose from and from these styles you can choose one, modify it to your preference and offer it to potential clients.

One of the popular wedding photography styles is reportage photography. In reportage wedding photography, the buckinghamshire wedding photographer tells a story of the wedding through taking candid shots from the wedding preparations to the wedding party. Further, this style of photography is less formal yet shows real emotions, expressions of the couple and their guests during the wedding.

A reportage photographer takes pictures discreetly and usually doesn’t give directions for formal poses. There are reportage photographers though who modify their reportage style and take some formal couple and group shots. These shots are often taken before the wedding ceremony or while the bride and groom are separately preparing themselves for the wedding.

Here are some tips on how you can become a great reportage photographer:

  1. Know the flow of the wedding. You can ask the couple for a copy of the wedding itinerary. This can help you plan or strategize on where to position yourself to take shots for every moment that unfolds.
  2. Study the different angles to get more creative shots. By practicing on what shots to take you can produce more brilliant images that will impress the clients.
  3. Visit the location ahead or attend the wedding rehearsal. Going to the venue ahead of the wedding day can help you plan better on the shoots you will take.
  4. Dress like a guest. The wedding guests will be less conscious and you can move around unnoticeably if they are not aware you are taking pictures. Get inspiration from the website of Hampshire wedding photographer.
  5. Be unobtrusive especially on intimate moments like the exchange of vows. Your camera should be set properly so less to no noise can be heard.

Being a professional reportage wedding photographer can be easy if you spend time to learn about this style of photography. Once you’ve mastered the style, you can modify it to your taste and to your clients’ needs.  By having a unique style, you can gain an edge over the hoard of wedding photographers you are competing with.

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