A Guide to Lenses for your DSLR

When you bought your DSLR, chances are there is already a lens included. Commonly, this lens is called the kit lens and works fine for your regular photography needs. But as you advance in knowledge and skills in photography, you realize your kit lens will not be enough for those shoots you need to make. With that said, there are hundreds of lenses available in the market today to fill those needs. However, the variety of these lenses as far as features and capabilities are concerned can be overwhelming for a newbie photographer to choose which would be best for his/her needs. To make things simple, we have narrowed down the selection to the most common types we think you will need as a photographer, regardless if you are into baby portraits.

Ultra Wide Lenses

Ultra wide angle lenses have a focal length of around less than 24 mm (in 35 mm-format), this means they can take in a wider scene than is typical, though they’re not only about getting all of a subject into a shot. Because of this characteristic, they typically have a large depth of field which means images tend to pull in subjects that are close, and push away more distant ones making them appear further apart.  They are typically used inlandscape, architecture and interior photography, as well as other creative uses.


Wide Angle Lenses

Wide angle lenses have a focal length of between 24 mm and 35 mm, with a wide field of view and often also boast of close minimum focusing distances. Thus, they can magnify the perceived distance between subjects in the foreground and background, providing less distortion ultra wide lenses. They are often used when trying to get the whole of a subject in frame like a building or a landscape, as well as interesting portraits

Telephoto Lenses

Telephoto lenses are those with a focal length above 70 mm, though many people would argue that “true” telephoto lenses are ones which exceed 135 mm. They focus on a much narrower field of view than other lenses, which makes them good in focusing in on specific details or distant subjects. They are generally larger and heavier than equally specified wider lenses. They can also compress elements such that the objects that are far apart in reality from the camera can appear closer together. They are used often to photograph subjects you can’t (or don’t want to) get close to, like sports or wildlife subjects. They can also be used for shooting portraits and even landscapes where their normalization of relative size can be used to give a sense of scale.

Superzoom Lenses

Superzooms are do-it-all lenses which cover focal lengths from wide to telephoto. If you’re someone who doesn’t like the hassle of changing lenses often, superzooms may be for you. The flipside though is that they do not have the same image quality of more dedicated lenses and often have slower and variable maximum apertures.


Macro Lenses

Macro lenses are the more specialist type of lenses, and they are frequently used to refer to lenses which can be used for extreme close-up photography. Such lenses typically have focal lengths of around 40-200 mm. Because of its close-up functionalities, macro lenses have excellent image sharpness, though it’s worth noting that when working at close distances they also have a tiny depth of field. In addition, they can also be great for portraits thanks to their typical sharpness and focal lengths.


As we have seen, different lenses can give photographers more freedom and capabilities in shooting different types of images under different settings and situations. Thus, it is important that as a photographer, you should first determine the type of photography that you do and the environments you are in that will help you in choosing the perfect lenses for your camera. With proper care and maintenance lenses are good photography investments that can last longer than even your camera.

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Top 5 Travel Photography Tips for Beginners

travel photographyTraveling is what some individuals do as a hobby. They travel to famous landmarks and beautiful places. On the other hand, there are people who travel for work like a travel photographer. Travel photographers are photographers who take pictures of wonderful places for a specific project or shoot scenic spots and sell them.

With travel photography, you get to enjoy your travel while earning an income. You will be mesmerized by the beauty of the nature especially places where only a few have been to and be able to share these travel photos for people to see.

If you are an aspiring travel photographer or a beginner travel shooter, here are the top 5 tips that can help you effectively produce mesmerizing travel photos.

  1. Research to find great places

There are many fascinating places in the world that is worth going to and photographing. You can read book, get online or ask friends for recommendations. List the places that you think are worth going to and learn as much info as possible – from the means of travel to important things and docs to bring. Each place is unique and has something different to offer and you must be aware of this so you can plan your shots in advance.

  1. Include people in your shoot

Travel photography is different from landscape photography. Yes, you will be shooting places like in landscape photography but then with travel photography it is not limited to places only. You can include people in your shoot to make it more alive and interesting to look at. Shooting pictures of fellow travelers can make your photos more unique, different and worth viewing.

  1. Shoot from a different perspective

Be experimental when shooting during your travel. Your photos must be more than just the traditional-looking postcards. It must be something more magnificent and you can achieve this through shooting from different angles or perspectives. Observe the scene, compose your shot and choose the best perspectives to get more fascinating travel photos.

  1. Bring only the items you can use

Cameras, particularly DSLRs, are heavy plus you will need to attach a lens on it. Hence, it would be better for you to plan carefully on what to bring depending on the location, hours of travel and desired shots. Even wedding photographers, like this wedding photographer Newcastle, sometimes travel for a wedding shoot and carefully chose what to bring to avoid unnecessary load.

  1. Know the expected weather

Weather can sometimes be a hindrance to getting the best travel photos. If you have set your schedule to visiting a new location in a different city or country, then it is wise to search know ahead the expected weather for that day. By knowing the weather you can prepare what to bring and even have a backup plan for stormy weather. This is what our wedding photographer kent also does when working on a destination wedding.

These top 5 travel photography tips for beginners can hopefully guide you in producing the best travel photos that your client and other people will love to see. Keep in mind also that people in various places differ and they might have customs or traditions that are worth knowing before you go there. You will not only produce amazing travel photos but you also get to meet people and learn about their uniqueness.


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Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring a Wedding Planner

wedding planningPlanning a wedding can be stressful for couples. It is surely not easy to plan how to make this once-in-a-lifetime event successful and memorable. Imagine how many suppliers and vendors you need to find and talk to. Or, think about the different bridal shops, restaurants and flower shops you must visit before deciding on which products and services to avail.

Wedding planning is certainly not easy and this is one of the reasons why some couples chose to hire a wedding planner. A wedding planner is somehow who is hired to manage, organize or handle the wedding of a couple. Professional wedding planners, in general, are great in organizing weddings, choosing wedding items and giving ideas for couples to think about.

But well, there are advantages and disadvantages of hiring a wedding planner that you must be aware of.


  1. Plan better and easier

Using his/her knowledge and experience, a wedding planner can meticulously lay out the plan for your wedding – from the wedding style and clothing to the wedding party. Your wedding planner can initiate the planning and choosing but the final decision will still depend on you and your partner.

  1. Lessen your worries

As long as you hire a dependable and experienced wedding planner, then you have fewer worries to think about. You can just relay to the wedding planner what you and your partner want or expect from the wedding, then the planner can get started in finding what you need. This can give you more free time to prepare yourself for the actual wedding date.

  1. Get easily connected with wedding vendors

Having worked with many wedding vendors or professional, your wedding planner knows who the right people to hire and what services are suitable for you. He/she can present various options for you to choose from. Moreover, the planner can even get discounts for you from his/her friends in the wedding industry or from stores he/she usually frequents when working on a wedding.

  1. Receive professional help and advice

The extensive experience of your wedding planner can help you decide faster about different things. The planner can provide reliable advice since he/she knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to weddings


  1. Additional cost

This is an additional wedding cost which may worry the couple especially if they are following a strict budget. But then, it is surely worth adding to your budget for a great wedding planner can really help make your wedding run smoothly.

  1. Less control of the wedding

You will have less control of the wedding which still depends on how you want it. If you are busy with work or other stuff, then giving more control to the planner is fine as long as you what’s happening. You still get to make the final decisions.

  1. Risk of hiring an incompetent

Like choosing a wedding photographer, you need to find someone who is really competent so you won’t be wasting your hard-earned money for nothing. There is surely some risks which you need to counter by choosing a planner wisely.

Wedding planning requires time, effort and patience. With a professional wedding planner around, planning will be less difficult for you and your partner. You can enjoy and create more wonderful memories together.

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4 Helpful Ways to Stay Within Your Wedding Budget

wedding tipsWedding can be costly for an engaged couple. You have to buy various items and pay for wedding services. A wedding budget must be set early when you start planning for your wedding so you will know up to how much you can spend. If you are on a shoestring budget, then all the more you need to divide your wedding budget carefully.

There are newlywed couples who admit spending more than their wedding budget. They either did not expect the rates to be high or there are additional expenses they had to incur. You do not have to follow their lead though. There are ways you can stay within your budget so you won’t end up worrying on how to pay debts or asking financial help from parents.

Here are some helpful ways on how you can stick to your wedding budget.

  1. Prepare a priority list

A priority checklist containing the wedding services and items you need to order or acquire is important to have at the onset of wedding planning. Once you have set a wedding, you can start listing the things you need including the price or rate for each.

You can research for the estimated price/ rates in your location or ask help from family or friends who may have knowledge in wedding planning. Try to list the wedding items according to priority. Let’s say, write the wedding venue, wedding caterer and wedding photography on top of the list then include optional items at the bottom.

  1. Invite only the closest family and friends

Your wedding is an intimate event that is best celebrated with the ones you love. Prepare a guest list by writing first most important people such as your relatives and friends you need to invite. Decide on how many you should invite with consideration to the venue and of course your budget. Keep in mind that the more people you invite, the higher the wedding cost. Hence, it is advisable to invite only the closest if you want to stay within your wedding budget.

  1. Spend less on one-time use wedding items

Although a wedding is very special for the couple particularly the brides, you don’t have to spend too much on a wedding dress. There are wedding dresses that you can buy at a lower price or if you want to really save on cost, you can rent one. Also, if you want to stay within your budget, then try to spend less on other wedding items like the flowers or wedding decors that you can only use once. You can even get a wonderful bridal bouquet at a good price.

  1. Learn to negotiate

When meeting with a wedding professional like Wedding photographer staffordshire , be very meticulous in choosing one. Compare and check the packages or service they are offering. Try to negotiate to have it at a lower cost without of course affecting the quality you expect. Some wedding vendors, at first, will try to present you with high rates but will later agree on a lower cost once you negotiate well. Try to negotiate or lower down the cost and once everything has been agreed upon, make sure the details are written in the contract that both parties will sign.

A wedding can be successful without spending too much. Just plan, research and manage it well so everything will go smoothly.

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What to Look for When Buying Your First DSLR

digital single lens reflexA lot of people are now gaining interest in digital photography. We find it interesting to be able capture images that look real and are visually appealing. Some of us still use the old point and shoot camera while others prefer the more advanced DSLR cameras.

DSLR cameras are often preferred by individuals who are aiming to become a professional photographer someday or just simply want to be good in taking pictures. There are numerous brands and models of this digital single lens reflex camera in the market today. You might get confused on which one to buy especially if it will be your very first DSLR. You have to know how to choose and what to look for in a great DSLR.

The first consideration in choosing is of course your budget. There are entry-level DSLRs which are suitable for starters who have limited budget. On the other hand, there are cameras also that are more expensive and advanced and will require you to spend more. More expensive cameras, of course, have more special features but not to worry, you can still get the sharp images you want using the standard DSLR camera. You just have to know what to look for when buying your first DSLR camera.

Here are some tips on how to choose a DSLR camera to buy.

  1. DSLR with APS-C sensor is more suitable for beginners

When checking out DSLRs, you will encounter cameras that have either an APS-C or Full-frame image sensor. A full frame sensor camera can give you sharper images but is generally more expensive than APS-C. On the other hand, APS-C gives more focus on the subject when shooting, is mostly cheaper than a full frame and easier to learn for beginners. Hence, full frame sensor cameras are best for professionals like those specializing in wedding photography London while APS-C cameras are better for amateurs.

  1. Know the available shooting modes in the camera

If you are looking for a DSLR to buy for a specific type of shoot, you must consider one that has the shooting mode you need to get your desired image. Say for example, if you are into action or fast photography, you will need to shoot in continuous or burst mode. Check out the specifications of the camera and learn the available shooting modes as well as how suitable the brand or model is to your preferred type of photography. You can directly ask the seller or ask other photographers and credible sources online.

  1. Check the ergonomics of the camera

Some cameras are too bulky or heavy with controls that are difficult to use while there are other DSLRs that are lightweight and are easier to hold. Assess carefully if the camera is easy use and learn. Furthermore, know if it is the recommended model for the type of photography you want to specialize in.

  1. Compare prices, packages and features

Some cameras come in a kit which means there are lenses include upon purchase of the camera. Check if the lenses are ideal for your type of shoot and compare also the prices of items when bought individually or in package. Get also all the valuable information about the cameras you are considering by reading forums online or visiting photography-related websites.

DSLR cameras do not come cheap. You have to carefully choose and do a research before buying so your investment won’t be put into waste.

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Top 8 Football Photography Tips

footballFootball is a fun, thrilling and nerve-racking sport. The players in the field move fast that it is sometimes difficult to catch what’s happening. Photographers who cover football games surely need to be skilled and knowledgeable on football photography. These football photographers must be able to capture precious moments no matter how fast-paced and intense the game is.

Amateur sports photographers who will be covering football games soon will have to learn ways on how to cover this kind of sport. If you are interested to become a football photographer or just simply want to photography football games, then here are some tips for you.

  1. Understand the game

The first and most important thing to do is to understand the game. Know the basics of football and learn more specific details of the league you are planning to cover. By knowing how the game runs and how it played, you can plan better on when or how to take shots. You can anticipate what will happen next if you understand the game. The better you are at anticipating, the more chance of getting those precious action shots.

  1. Study your camera

Camera manufacturers offer different models with specific features intended for a purpose. Make sure to find time to learn, practice and understand how to set your camera. Know the shooting modes available in your camera. Most commonly used in football photography are shutter priority, aperture priority, continuous mode or similar.

  1. Practice and visit the field

Practice using your camera and visit the field or venue ahead of the anticipated game. Determine what the best angles are and where to position your camera. If it is your first time to cover a football game, make sure to practice a lot in preparation for the shoot.

  1. Bring a tripod

A tripod can provide stability for your camera and help lessen the burden of holding it by hand.  Cameras are generally heavy especially when long lenses are attached. You can compose your shots better if you place your DSLR on a tripod then use a zoom or telephoto lens to shoot.

  1. Use a telephoto and wide angle lenses

Since the football field is too huge and the action happens in the field, you need to use a telephoto lens and zoom in to take shots. The ideal length of the telephoto lens is 300mm f/2.8 or for better shots a 400mm telephoto lens. You can use the wide angle lens to capture the entire scene in the football game. Even wedding photographer andover uses  a wide angle lens when taking a shot of the wedding venue.

  1. Choose the right mode

When photographing a football game, you can set the mode to shutter priority to capture fast movement without getting blurry images. You can also set it to continuous focusing so the lens will adjust and choose on the correct subject to focus on.

It is also wise to adjust the shutter speed higher whenever necessary so you can capture sharp and not blurry images of the player in action.

  1. Check your ISO

Cameras have different ISO limitations thus it is vital for to check ahead on what is ISO capacity of your unit. You need to change the ISO levels depending on the available light. You should be able to control the ISO and shutter speed of your camera to get the shots right. Again, studying your own camera is vital. Visit www.fodenphotography.com for more help tips and ideas on professional photography.

  1. Focus on the who’s holding the ball

More intense and interesting actions usually happen where the ball is. Focus on where it’s going and get some shots of the player. The expression on a player’s face says a lot about the game so make sure to take some close up shots of the football players. It is also great if at times you take close up shots of the fans for it will certainly reflect how happy or nervous they are.

Try to use these tips and find more online so you can be more prepared for the big football day.

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6 Reasons to Go for a Destination Wedding

destination weddingGetting married in a location far from home sounds romantic.  It appears more unique than the traditional wedding that we often attend to in an indoor venue within the city. The thought of exchanging vows privately in a far-flung location appeals to more and more couples today. This is what we call as destination wedding.

Destination weddings are gaining more and more popularity among engaged couples today. These destination weddings are usually held in a private beach resort or a vacation spot in a different city or country. It requires the couple and their guests to travel to reach their destination (as the name indicates).

A lot of resorts and vacation spots are offering their place for a destination wedding. There are also many wedding planners who can give suggestions on what the best destination wedding locations are. It doesn’t have to be too far or too expensive. An important consideration is how private the wedding will be if done in that location.

If you are considering a destination wedding but you are not fully convinced that this is the good idea, then here are some reasons to go for a destination wedding.

  1. Easier to organize and setup

There are wedding companies or freelance wedding planners who can organize this for you. They can find the destination place and choose a photographer like wedding photographer Berkshire for you. They can book the tickets for you and your guests. Just make sure to find a professional one so you won’t get scammed.

  1. Limited guests

You can choose to limit the guests to only relatives and close friends. You don’t have to invite your boss or co-worker out of courtesy. You can just tell them that it is a private, family-only gathering. And since it is not within you hometown, some guests might not be able to make it. If possible, choose a location where traveling is not difficult. Find a place which is not too far so it won’t be too expensive and stressful to your guests.

  1. Cost-effective

Destination weddings generally cost less depending of course on the location. Most destination weddings are held in a beach resort or a tourist destination spot. This place won’ require too much decors and you can even where a more simple wedding outfit. Try to choose a venue that is not very far so you don’t have to spend too much for the air fare or travel expenses.

  1. Great family bonding

Your destination wedding can be a great time for your family to get together and bond. The wedding can be set as exclusive only to those who are dear to you and your partner.

  1. More unique and appealing

Most weddings are held within the hometown or city of the engaged couple. Having it in a unique, different location can make your wedding stand out thus it can get instilled in the minds and hearts of those who attended.

  1. Solemn and private

Destination weddings usually have less number of guests than traditional weddings. This makes destination weddings more solemn and private. There will be less unexpected happening or possibilities of having uninvited guests. It can really be solemn and private to you, your partner and those who are close to you. Make sure to hire a professional photographer as good as this Orange Country Wedding Photographer so the precious moments in your wedding will surely be captured perfectly.

A destination wedding can cost you less if you try to find the right destination spot. Go online and do a research then set the budget and prepare a checklist so you don’t forget anything. A wedding usually happens once in a lifetime so be prepared to make it successful and worth remembering.


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Visiting Scotland – 6 Places You Must See

If you are planning to have a vacation in Europe, a good choice will be Scotland. Scotland is a progressive country where you can find a lot of wonderful tourist attractions. There are also plenty of things you can do while in Scotland.

Before traveling to Scotland, it would help to learn about the country’s culture, food, history and other interesting facts. Scotland is of Great Britain which used to be an independent country until 1603 when Scotland was united with England to form a part of Great Britain. The largest city in Scotland is Glasgow and its capital is Edinburgh.

Scotland has a vibrant culture and offers a lot of scenic places that tourists should visit. Traveling to Scotland is also easy because you can travel via train, bus, plane, car and ferry. You can also go with a group and hire a tour guide for a more fun experience.

When visiting Scotland, here are the 6 places that you should definitely visit first. You will find these places marvelous and fascinating. Don’t forget to bring your camera with you!

  1. Chanonry Pointvisiting scot

Chanonry Point is a small peninsula located on the Black Isle. It is a well-known place for dolphin spotting. You can see dolphins anytime but the best time is on a high tide. Photographers can surely capture marvelous pictures of dolphins chasing after fish. This is one of Dorset Wedding Photographer Ian’s favorites.

  1. Neptune’s Staircase

Neptune’s Staircase is the longest staircase lock in Britain built in 1803 and was finished in 1822. You can find it on the entrance of the Caledonian Canal. Neptune’s Staircase is one of few amazing engineering structure that you can find in Scotland. It is definitely worth your time visiting. It is also best to travel via boat so you can marvel its beauty and capture it through photos.

  1. Secret Bunker

You can ask tourists who have visited Scotland’s Secret Bunker and for sure they will have great things to say. The Secret Bunker is an underground bunker that is a great tourist attraction. Visiting the Secret Bunker is like going back in time during the Cold War. This bunker is hidden 150 feet under a Scottish farmhouse.

  1. visiting scotlandEdinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is no doubt one of the visited places in Scotland. It is considered as an “icon of Scotland”. Edinburgh Castle is located on top of a volcano. Your Scotland vacation won’t be complete without visiting the Edinburgh Castle. Make sure to capture the panoramic views when you visit this magnificent castle.

  1. The Falkirk Wheel

The Falkirk Wheel in found in Falkirk, central Scotland. It is considered as the “world’s only rotating boatlift”. Falkirk Wheel connects the Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal. It is an amusing destination to enjoy with family and friends. You can also enjoy the breathtaking views alone through a boat trip. Soven of wedding photographer surrey loves taking pictures of the Falkirk Wheel.

  1. Giles Cathedral

St Giles’ Cathedral is a considered a historical place in Edinburgh that is worth visiting. It is known as “High Kirk of Edinburg” and was built in 1120. St Giles’ Cathedral is located in the Royal between Edinburgh Castle and Palace of Holyroodhouse. You can find inside here the huge Reiger organ, beautiful stained glass windows and spectacular wall sculpture. Get your cameras ready to shoot this impressive St Giles Cathedral.

There are other beautiful places in Scotland that are worth visiting. Ask your friends or search online on what the best tourist spots are so you can get the most out of your Scotland trip.

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