Getting Started in Landscape Photography

When you are getting started in landscape photography, there are some easy ways to follow that can even help amateurs in getting great shots. Here I will explain some easy ways that you can get great landscape shots. If you are just getting started in landscape photography, don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the best shots at first it takes time to use these methods and put them to use.

The first thing that you can do to get great shots of fields is to maximize the depth of them. You can do this by setting a small Aperture setting on your camera, this means setting it at a larger number. This will give you a great depth in a shot of a field.

Another great way to get great shot of landscapes if you are just getting started in landscape photography is to use a tripod. This works great if you are using a small aperture setting and it can help you keep the camera completely still to capture the landscape better.


When you are taking any other pictures, one of the first things that you learn is to pick a focal point and it is no different, when you are getting started in landscape photography. If you don’t pick a focal point in your landscape photos, your picture will look empty and have to viewers eye wondering when they look at the photo.

Most new landscape photographers that are just getting started in landscape photography think that they have to find the best location to photograph but one of the best places to photograph is right above their heads. Yes, the sky is landscape as well; the sky can change different colors and can make for some great photos and it a great landscape to use for practice.

One thing that you can ask yourself when you are taking a landscape photo is how is the eye being led in this shot? One way you can do this is by looking at the lines in the photo and following them yourself to see how others might look at it.  Interestingly you can see just this very technique of Wedding photographer Bali Pixtura – their stunning wedding images blend with traditional landscapes to create totally drop dead gorgeous images – take a look at

Don’t be afraid to catch landscapes that move, most people think about landscapes and see that they are calm but you can capture some of your best photos that are of landscapes that move. Like how the wind is blowing in the trees, the way that water is crashing in the rocks at a beach, or even the movement of clouds across the sky.

If you want to get started taking landscape photographs don’t be afraid to fail at it first. It will take time for you to learn all of the tricks and tips to help you capture a beautiful landscape.

At Provins Photography School we regularly hold landscape photography training days – if you would like to get started in landscape photography, give us a call.

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