Choosing the Right Dress for Your Beach Wedding

beach wedding dressWhen preparing for a wedding, one of the first things that the couple thinks about is the wedding dress. The bride normally visualizes how she would look like in her wedding gown during this momentous event. She, of course, desires to look her best for this very special day.

The choice of wedding gown usually depends on the bride’s body type, price, wedding theme and of course the location. In traditional indoor weddings, the wedding dress is long and usually with a flowing train. But then, in destination weddings, the wedding gown might need to look different.

Destination weddings, particularly beach weddings, are mostly planned differently from traditional weddings. The decors, wedding theme, food, number of guests and even the wedding gown are fairly different.

If you are currently planning your destination wedding and are looking for ideas on how to choose the right wedding dress, then here are some important factors to consider during the selection process.


Like in other weddings, the couple should mutually agree on how to divide their wedding budget to the things they need to spend on. They need to decide on how much they can spend on their outfits. For brides, a designer wedding gown normally costs higher than regular wedding dresses so as a bride you will need to think carefully if you can really afford a designer gown.

Additionally, a beach wedding gown is expected to be lighter and less formal than traditional wedding gowns thus most often than not, a beach wedding dress is cheaper than a ballroom type wedding dress.


Choosing the right fabric of a wedding dress is important when planning on your wedding gown. Lightweight fabrics like sheer are more suitable for beach wedding gowns because it is not too thick or heavy.

A heavy and think wedding gown can make you feel uncomfortable especially when the wedding ceremony is held outdoors on a hot weather. It is also easier to march on the sand towards your partner if you are wearing a thick, long, and heavy bridal gown.

For a more unique, creative gown, you can choose tropical colors to match the location of your wedding. Browse magazines or check online to find more interesting designs, styles and colors. You can also possibly get ideas from websites of professional wedding photographers like this kent wedding photography site.


Wedding gowns are customarily long and with a flowing train. For beach weddings, it is not that necessary to wear a long dress because it is difficult to walk on the sand with a lengthy trail. An example of a suitable wedding dress design is a tea length gown.

You can also check bridal magazines to get more ideas on what gown styles are better for beach weddings.

Remember to find fitting footwear to use for your beach wedding. Heels are not that suitable for outdoor beach wedding setups because it will sink in the sand. Consider wearing flat shoes or slip-ons so you will feel more comfortable and relaxed.

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6 Reasons to Go for a Destination Wedding

destination weddingGetting married in a location far from home sounds romantic.  It appears more unique than the traditional wedding that we often attend to in an indoor venue within the city. The thought of exchanging vows privately in a far-flung location appeals to more and more couples today. This is what we call as destination wedding.

Destination weddings are gaining more and more popularity among engaged couples today. These destination weddings are usually held in a private beach resort or a vacation spot in a different city or country. It requires the couple and their guests to travel to reach their destination (as the name indicates).

A lot of resorts and vacation spots are offering their place for a destination wedding. There are also many wedding planners who can give suggestions on what the best destination wedding locations are. It doesn’t have to be too far or too expensive. An important consideration is how private the wedding will be if done in that location.

If you are considering a destination wedding but you are not fully convinced that this is the good idea, then here are some reasons to go for a destination wedding.

  1. Easier to organize and setup

There are wedding companies or freelance wedding planners who can organize this for you. They can find the destination place and choose a photographer like wedding photographer Berkshire for you. They can book the tickets for you and your guests. Just make sure to find a professional one so you won’t get scammed.

  1. Limited guests

You can choose to limit the guests to only relatives and close friends. You don’t have to invite your boss or co-worker out of courtesy. You can just tell them that it is a private, family-only gathering. And since it is not within you hometown, some guests might not be able to make it. If possible, choose a location where traveling is not difficult. Find a place which is not too far so it won’t be too expensive and stressful to your guests.

  1. Cost-effective

Destination weddings generally cost less depending of course on the location. Most destination weddings are held in a beach resort or a tourist destination spot. This place won’ require too much decors and you can even where a more simple wedding outfit. Try to choose a venue that is not very far so you don’t have to spend too much for the air fare or travel expenses.

  1. Great family bonding

Your destination wedding can be a great time for your family to get together and bond. The wedding can be set as exclusive only to those who are dear to you and your partner.

  1. More unique and appealing

Most weddings are held within the hometown or city of the engaged couple. Having it in a unique, different location can make your wedding stand out thus it can get instilled in the minds and hearts of those who attended.

  1. Solemn and private

Destination weddings usually have less number of guests than traditional weddings. This makes destination weddings more solemn and private. There will be less unexpected happening or possibilities of having uninvited guests. It can really be solemn and private to you, your partner and those who are close to you. Make sure to hire a professional photographer as good as this Orange Country Wedding Photographer so the precious moments in your wedding will surely be captured perfectly.

A destination wedding can cost you less if you try to find the right destination spot. Go online and do a research then set the budget and prepare a checklist so you don’t forget anything. A wedding usually happens once in a lifetime so be prepared to make it successful and worth remembering.


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