5 Props Newborn Photographers Can’t Live Without

baby phootgraphyAs you may have noticed today, a lot of props are being used in newborn photography. These props are used to make the subject stand out and make the image as a whole appear more creative. An amateur newborn photographer might find it overwhelming to choose which props to buy among the many being offered in the market nowadays.

Well, there are props that considered the “basics” and more important while there are props that are not really that useful. If you are looking forward to buying only those that you can often use, then here are 5 props that most newborn photographers can’t live without.

  1. Wraps

Yes wraps are definitely the most popular and basic item that a photographer use one newborn photo sessions. A wrap is usually used as replacement for baby clothes and this is a good item to use the onset of the newborn photo session. Babies love to be wrapped because it gives them comfort and warmth. Make sure to buy only wraps that are smooth and won’t hurt the newborn’s sensitive skin.

  1. Beanbags

Beanbags are valuable items in newborn photography. The newborn photographer makes use of bean bags to elevate the baby especially when planning a specific pose like when the baby appears to be carrying his head with hands on the chin.  Cute poses can be easier to carry out with the help of bean bags. You can buy bean bags of different sizes and colors.

  1. Blankets

Blankets of different texture, sizes and colors are surely useful in newborn photo sessions. You need blankets to serve as flooring or background and you also need blankets where you can place your baby. The blankets where you will lay down the baby must be dust-free, smooth and newly washed.

There are blankets that really look great in the pictures. Check out the website of some newborn photographers to know what color and fabric are best to buy.

  1. Backdrop stand

The backdrop used in a photo session can of course have an impact on the overall look of an image. And yes a backdrop stand is important to hold the backdrop and keep it in place.  Even shropshire wedding photographer owns several backdrop stands which he uses whenever necessary. Some of the commonly used backdrop stands are pvc pipe box stand and medal stand. You can look for more ideas on how to create or improvise your own. You don’t need to spend too much on the backdrop stand. Just make sure it is not flimsy and no possible accident will happen.

  1. Hats or headbands

Hats or cute headbands that are made of soft fabric will surely make the newborn baby look more adorable in their baby portraits. You can find different baby hats in the market today. Purchase those that are tested safe for the baby. Remember that the baby’s head is still very soft and the newborn’s whole physique is delicate.

Other props that are worth buying are faux furs, wooden crates, baskets, and hats. Start buying the most essential and then later you can slowly purchase more items.

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