A Guide to Capturing Better Portraits

With the development of digital photography, not to mention the growth of the internet, especially social media, portraits have played a role more important than ever for the subject to capture the viewer’s attention. The more stunning and unique the portrait, the more likely it will gain attention.

As photographers like a Kent Wedding Photographer, you have the unenviable task of making your portrait photographs stand out. But as long as you keep in mind the tips we will be sharing to you here, you should not feel worried and instead take it as an opportunity to show what you got.

Tip # 1: Alter your perspective

Most portraits involve having the subject look directly to the camera in front of the subject. While there is nothing wrong with that, try playing with it a bit by changing your perspective and have the camera shoot from the top or below the subject for some more interesting perspectives and unique portraits in the process.

Tip # 2: Indirect eye contact is an option


Some of the most artistic portraits involve the subject not looking direct to the camera. This approach works especially if you wish to convey certain emotions or moods of the subject and/or the environment around him/her.

Tip #3: Dare to break those composition rules

In photography, we are aware the “rule of thirds” as one of those rules that many photographers adhere to. While rules like this have their merit, there are some instances that call for one to break them. Of course, this would depend on the situation at hand but you can go a bit more experimental as to how your subject will be placed, as long as such things would not make the viewer lose focus on the subject in the process.

Tip # 4: Play around with the lighting

Lighting can affect the mood or the atmosphere of the portrait in question. As a photographer, make use of the lighting available in the area if possible to evoke whatever atmosphere or mood you wish to convey, adding a bit more impact to the portrait in general thanks to the light play in place.

Tip # 5: Bring your subject out of the comfort zone

Portraits need not look like the usual pose in front of the camera. Be creative and daring in experimenting on new things and ideas and persuade your subject to take part in those plans you may have. While it may be awkward for the subject to do the things you want him/her to do, it does help bring about the subject’s more natural and playful side, providing a more multi-dimensional perspective on the subject as well as highlight the artistry employed in the photo.

Tip # 6: Capture candid moments


While portraits are generally about shooting people in predetermined poses, this does not mean you have to be confined with that type of shoot. In fact, in some instances, shooting subjects in their candid moments would be the more preferable way to go, especially in some cases when posed portraits would not look good on your subject. As with the case of the previous tip, this approach lets your subject act more natural, providing a multi-dimensional perspective as viewers will get to appreciate as well what your subject is like.

Tip # 7: Make use of props

Sometimes, other objects can help enhance the portrait you’re trying to shoot, adding more elements of fun and character to the subject as well. Props do not have to be elaborate; they could be as simple as a balloon or a hat, as long as they serve to accentuate and not distract the subject in the portrait overall.

Tip # 8: Take a series of shots

When your subject is someone who cannot stay still, or if your concept for the portrait involves someone being in motion, it would be helpful to take not one but numerous shots of the subject, setting your camera to continuous shooting if applicable. With this, there would be better chances for you to capture a perfect shot for the portrait, or you can use the set to capture your subject in candid series of portraits.

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