Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Pre-Wedding Photography

pre-wedding photographyHave you heard about the latest trend in weddings today? Are you familiar with pre-wedding photography sessions? Well pre-wedding photography is a great time for the couple to bond together and increase the excitement leading up to their wedding.

A pre-wedding photography session is usually done outdoors in locations chosen by the couple. The theme could be romantic, fun, vintage, or whatever you and your partner decide to have. This session is done months before the wedding or right after a couple’s engagement.

Yes, this is an added cost for the couple but then if you think about it carefully, you will realize that there are a lot of benefits you can get from having a pre-wedding pictorial. A pre-wedding pictorial also does not cost much, it can be included as a bundle in the wedding photography package you plan to avail or can be availed separately.

Here are the top reasons you should consider a pre-wedding photo session:

  1. Get to know the photographer

A pre-wedding session can help you get to know the photographer you hired. You can assess if the photographer is worth hiring for the actual wedding. It can also make you and your partner feel more at ease with the photographer so you won’t feel shy when being shot.

  1. Be more comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera

Through having a pre-wedding pictorial, you can become more comfortable in making sweet, romantic poses in front of the camera. This can prepare you for the actual wedding so you as well as the photographer will know the flattering angles that the photographer can choose to use for your wedding. It is somehow a good way to practice your poses while having fun bonding with your loved one.

  1. Make more memories to keep with partner

This is a good day to create more memories with your partner. You will remember how unique and fun your experience was during the pre-wedding photography session. The pictures you get from the photographer can be saved in an album or you can order digital copies and have fun looking at them in the future.

  1. Test the photographer

Another reason to consider a pre-wedding photography session is that you can test the skills and capacity of the photographer. You can determine if he/she is worth hiring for your wedding. If you find the photographer to be skilled, then you will no longer worry about your wedding photos for you know that you hired the right one for the job. If you feel disappointed with the result of your pre-wedding, then you can look for another wedding photographer to hire.

  1. Helps the photographer choose the right wedding photography style

The pre-wedding photo session is not only beneficial to you and your future spouse but also to your photographer. Your wedding photographer can better choose the right photography style to apply for your wedding through talking to you, knowing your personalities and what you both love. He/she may choose traditional, alternative wedding photography, artistic or a different one.

A lot of information can surely be shared during the pre-wedding session and this can be help you prepare and plan for your most awaited wedding.

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Five Tips For Great Wedding Photos

Wedding photography is one of the most lucrative yet demanding genres in photography to specialize, something that veterans in the industry would attest to. There are so many moments that need to be captured in that single event, not to mention the challenges that might come up along the way.

These things may be overwhelming especially for a newbie wedding photographer. But with the proper guidance and knowledge, one can get through these jitters and be on the way to be an experienced photographer like Kirsty Mattson. We have therefore prepared 5 tips for photographers so they can be able to take great wedding pictures.


  1. Know the equipment that you have and make sure you have backup

Some photographers like the North East Wedding Photographer have the fault of not knowing what equipment they have and what would be appropriate to use in certain occasions. Thus, it is important to be familiar with the feature and capabilities of each equipment like the lenses, flash, and other gear you will be needing to cover a wedding.

Also, it is important that you have backup equipment that you can use anytime whenever one of them fails on you during the event. This applies especially for batteries for additional power and memory cards for additional storage.

  1. Scout the locations

Once you have the information on the location where the wedding ceremony and the reception will be held, make it a point to visit these places beforehand, at least a day before the wedding as the preparations are being made. Check out which spots would be ideal for you to take some strategic photos. Know well the ins and outs of the area so you can better navigate throughout the venue or venues during the coverage. Better preparation is the key.

  1. Prepare a short list of what to cover

With so many moments in the wedding that needed to be captured, some photographers make a mistake in missing some key moments which make the overall wedding experience feel incomplete as far as the coverage is concerned. To avoid this, photographers must make it a point to know the important moments that must be photographed and make a list of those moments so they would not be forgotten during the event itself. This also helps the photographer’s overall workflow as he/she gets to have a better grasp as to how to transition between moments to take those great photos.


  1. Gain experience shooting weddings as an assistant

Weddings are important occasions that leave no room for photography mistakes, especially crucial ones. If you are someone new into wedding photography, that pressure is very much felt. So as a way not only to help relieve some of the pressure but also to familiarize oneself with what goes on in a wedding, newbie photographers should take time to gain some experience by working as assistant of more experienced wedding photographers.

This also serves as a good opportunities for the newbies to learn from the experts and be able to gain insights on how to become better wedding photographers in the process.

  1. Shoot in RAW

There is a lot at stake when shooting a wedding and you need to make sure that you have the maximum amount of data available when editing images to correct any issues with exposure, color and white balance in the best quality available as possible. This means that it’s important to shoot photos in the RAW format.

You can shoot JPEG photos at the same time, but as a priority, shoot RAW files to get you out of trouble

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Traditional vs. Reportage Wedding Photography: Learn the Difference

With the evolution of photography and media in recent years, there is also an evolution happening as well in the realm of wedding photography. This evolution has brought about not only change in the style of capturing photographs of such events.

In particular, this has brought up two different and distinct styles of wedding photography: the traditional wedding photography and the reportage wedding photography. Quite often, this has been a subject of debate among wedding photographers as to which is the best, not to mention a source of confusion among those who are about to getting married not only on the aspect of what they are but also as to which would be the best for them.

To answer these questions, it is important first to know what these different wedding photography styles are about and what they bring to the table as far as the output is concerned.



As the term implies, traditional wedding photography is the oldest style of wedding photography that has been practiced by photographers for years since photography began. It is the photography style your parents and the ones before them were used to when they got married.

Traditional wedding photography is considered to be the more “rigid” and “predictable” style as the photographer has taken note of a set of moments to capture, with everything planned out beforehand. It usually is characterized by formal setups with people looking stiff at the camera. As such, candid moments are rarely captured by this type of wedding photography, creating an impression that the images produced look “fake” or “stiff” in the sense that the genuine emotions of a wedding are not perfectly encapsulated by these images.

Also due to the “rigid” nature of this photography style, it is also a style that is time consuming. Photographers of this style take more time in setting up the areas where the photos will be taken and other pertinent details of the shots to be planned, making sure the elements are set up the way the photographer envisioned it to be.


The name may imply that there is an element of a documentary or journalistic report. In essence, that is what reportage wedding photography tries to convey with the photos. This style of photography has become more popular in recent years as the preference for realism in photography has become the trend around the same time. Current trends indicate that this particular wedding photography style is the style of choice among many couples who plan to get married.


Reportage wedding photography aims to tell the story of the wedding as it happens naturally, with less to no direction or supervision being provided by the photographer. Thus, raw, spontaneous moments and emotions of people at the wedding are captured. For photographers, they get more freedom to capture any moment that are noted to be recorded, without having to rely on a preplanned list of moments to be taken.


With such contrastiwedding-663214_1280ng styles and approaches that are popular in wedding photography these days, there are some photographers who manage to combine elements of both styles into one. It would not be surprising to see in their portfolios some photos of a wedding shot in reportage style while other photos were taken in the traditional style. In addition, employing both styles provide an opportunity for photographers to be creative in documenting the wedding, employing one particular style in moments that may be deemed appropriate by the photographer.

Nevertheless, there is a dominant style that can be gleaned at such photos, as only a few photographers have managed to acquire true expertise of both styles. More often than not, majority of the photographers choose to develop expertise in a single style of photography and at times, employ elements of other styles to make a unique photography style that will be distinguished from the rest.


Now that we know the different wedding photography styles, the question remains as to which one you would choose. Ultimately, the choice of wedding photography style is up to personal preferences as each style is suited to fit certain preferences and tastes of the couple.

If you have yet to decide on a photography style you would like to see in your wedding, check out the works of different photographers like Alex Smith who employ either style of photography and see which style you would prefer. After all, a wedding is your moment and you get the freedom to choose which style would capture your moment the way you want it.

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Choosing the Right Dress for Your Beach Wedding

beach wedding dressWhen preparing for a wedding, one of the first things that the couple thinks about is the wedding dress. The bride normally visualizes how she would look like in her wedding gown during this momentous event. She, of course, desires to look her best for this very special day.

The choice of wedding gown usually depends on the bride’s body type, price, wedding theme and of course the location. In traditional indoor weddings, the wedding dress is long and usually with a flowing train. But then, in destination weddings, the wedding gown might need to look different.

Destination weddings, particularly beach weddings, are mostly planned differently from traditional weddings. The decors, wedding theme, food, number of guests and even the wedding gown are fairly different.

If you are currently planning your destination wedding and are looking for ideas on how to choose the right wedding dress, then here are some important factors to consider during the selection process.


Like in other weddings, the couple should mutually agree on how to divide their wedding budget to the things they need to spend on. They need to decide on how much they can spend on their outfits. For brides, a designer wedding gown normally costs higher than regular wedding dresses so as a bride you will need to think carefully if you can really afford a designer gown.

Additionally, a beach wedding gown is expected to be lighter and less formal than traditional wedding gowns thus most often than not, a beach wedding dress is cheaper than a ballroom type wedding dress.


Choosing the right fabric of a wedding dress is important when planning on your wedding gown. Lightweight fabrics like sheer are more suitable for beach wedding gowns because it is not too thick or heavy.

A heavy and think wedding gown can make you feel uncomfortable especially when the wedding ceremony is held outdoors on a hot weather. It is also easier to march on the sand towards your partner if you are wearing a thick, long, and heavy bridal gown.

For a more unique, creative gown, you can choose tropical colors to match the location of your wedding. Browse magazines or check online to find more interesting designs, styles and colors. You can also possibly get ideas from websites of professional wedding photographers like this kent wedding photography site.


Wedding gowns are customarily long and with a flowing train. For beach weddings, it is not that necessary to wear a long dress because it is difficult to walk on the sand with a lengthy trail. An example of a suitable wedding dress design is a tea length gown.

You can also check bridal magazines to get more ideas on what gown styles are better for beach weddings.

Remember to find fitting footwear to use for your beach wedding. Heels are not that suitable for outdoor beach wedding setups because it will sink in the sand. Consider wearing flat shoes or slip-ons so you will feel more comfortable and relaxed.

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What You Need to Know About Reportage Wedding Photography

Taking photographs of an event can be difficult especially if it is a wedding. Wedding photographers need to carefully plan and prepare in covering the wedding.

It is not a simple shooting of event because the newlyweds will store the pictures you took. These wedding pictures should tell a unique story of the couple’s love and this story can be shared with the future generation on both sides.

As a wedding photographer, you need to be skilled and knowledgeable in taking pictures. You also need to develop your own style that will make you stand out among many professional wedding photographers.

There are different basic photography styles that you can choose from and from these styles you can choose one, modify it to your preference and offer it to potential clients.

One of the popular wedding photography styles is reportage photography. In reportage wedding photography, the buckinghamshire wedding photographer tells a story of the wedding through taking candid shots from the wedding preparations to the wedding party. Further, this style of photography is less formal yet shows real emotions, expressions of the couple and their guests during the wedding.

A reportage photographer takes pictures discreetly and usually doesn’t give directions for formal poses. There are reportage photographers though who modify their reportage style and take some formal couple and group shots. These shots are often taken before the wedding ceremony or while the bride and groom are separately preparing themselves for the wedding.

Here are some tips on how you can become a great reportage photographer:

  1. Know the flow of the wedding. You can ask the couple for a copy of the wedding itinerary. This can help you plan or strategize on where to position yourself to take shots for every moment that unfolds.
  2. Study the different angles to get more creative shots. By practicing on what shots to take you can produce more brilliant images that will impress the clients.
  3. Visit the location ahead or attend the wedding rehearsal. Going to the venue ahead of the wedding day can help you plan better on the shoots you will take.
  4. Dress like a guest. The wedding guests will be less conscious and you can move around unnoticeably if they are not aware you are taking pictures. Get inspiration from the website of Hampshire wedding photographer.
  5. Be unobtrusive especially on intimate moments like the exchange of vows. Your camera should be set properly so less to no noise can be heard.

Being a professional reportage wedding photographer can be easy if you spend time to learn about this style of photography. Once you’ve mastered the style, you can modify it to your taste and to your clients’ needs.  By having a unique style, you can gain an edge over the hoard of wedding photographers you are competing with.

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How Much Time is Needed to Take Wedding Photographs on The Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the highlights of your life and everything should be perfect, or close to it. One way to ensure that you will have great memories and actually be able to see these memories is to hire a professional wedding photographer to take pictures of the happy times during the entire day.

One issue that is often taken up by the bride and groom with the wedding photographer is “how long should it take to have my photographs taken on my wedding day?” This is an important issue because some weddings run on a tight schedule and there has to be a set time for the photographs to be taken.

Professional photographers are usually very experienced and already know which angles are best when it comes to the venue of the ceremony and the reception. Aside from this, the ceremony usually runs on its own timetable so the photographer needs to be discreet enough to take photos of crucial moments which the couple may have stipulated without disrupting the ceremony.

The wedding preparation for both bride and groom is also a great opportunity for the professional photographer to take beautiful shots of the bride and groom individually, as well as with their respective families and entourage. There is usually no limit to the time during this time because the preparation usually takes about four to five hours before the wedding. The same goes for the reception where most of the photos taken are candid and that of the people who are there during the reception. You can also indicate which people you want the photographer to pay more attention to as well as which parts of the reception you want to be recorded.

Between the Ceremony and Reception

It is in this crucial time that professional wedding photographers usually take portrait shots and staged shots of the bride and groom together and shots of the entire entourage. Since there is just a short span of time in between the wedding and the reception, it is important that the photographer you hired knows what he is doing. You might also like to emphasize which shot you want so that you will be satisfied with the results. This duration takes about an hour or so and the photographer needs to make the most of it. It is during this time that you will see the benefits of hiring a professional wedding photographer; he or she will know what kind of shots need to be taken during this short break. After this time, there will be very little time to assemble the wedding entourage as well as the families of the bride and groom since the reception might also have a program to follow. The bride and groom should also allot enough time for this procedure so that their guests do not have to wait long for the reception. You might also like to serve cocktails while you are having the pictures taken so that your guests will not be inconvenienced while waiting.

Overall, a professional wedding photographer should be able to fit in the necessary photos and your preferences for your wedding day. It is also important to ask your photographer if he has an assistant who can also help to tale photos from a different angle and perspective so that your wedding day will have more coverage.

When we teach our photographers at Provins Photography Training School – we ensure all of them understand the importance of the wedding day, and we provide them with a template schedule, and suggested list of groups to photograph – for your free copy of this guide contact us here

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Top Wedding Photography Tips For Beginner Photographers

Are you just starting out in wedding photography? As a photographer, you know you have to deliver the exact results your clients want. This can be quite a challenge, even for the most seasoned. Switching from one angle, venue or setting to another is not as easy as it seems, but you have to get the job done at the end of the day. Thankfully, capturing incredible images is not entirely impossible. By keeping a few things in mind, you can be able to take photos that relive the day when people look at them. Here a few tips to help you.

  1. Meet the bride beforehand

One of the common complaints made by brides about wedding photographers is that they missed capturing a certain photo (like the bride with her friends). The best easiest way to avoid this is to meet with the bride prior to the wedding and request her to give you a shoot list. If possible, carry some sample photos along and have her pick the poses she wants. Be sure to jot down the list and mark off one at a time during the wedding day. You may also want to get the names of the maid of honor as well as the best man. These are usually involved in the planning and can help you better prepare for your duty.

  1. Wide aperture is better 

In general, employing a wide aperture on a lens can achieve an appealing effect for photography. It helps to keep the subject (s) in focus and makes the background slightly blurred. Important to note though is that accurate focus is needed in order to capture a good image.

  1. Tilt your camera

In wedding photography, the camera does not always have to be in landscape/portrait format. There’s no harm in trying out something different. Camera tilt can help add a sense of motion to any image. Simply try to align composition lines at different diagonals in the images to create impact. However, do not overdo it. One image may be enough.

  1. Try a telephoto lens

Another wedding photography tip for beginner photographers is to switch to a telephoto lens. This can be especially useful if you notice the bride & groom aren’t relaxed or interacting freely while you’re capturing images. The lens will keep you away from the action, allowing you to take the photos as the couple is able to interact naturally. Telephoto lenses also create very interesting perspective effects that can add some drama to photos. You should be careful to minimize chances of camera shake which is normally associated with these types of lenses.

  1. Maintain some distance 

Wedding couples typically want a photographer who’s personable & cheerful, but you have to keep in mind that the occasion is all about them, not you. The point is to avoid getting too much into the way. Try to be invisible whenever possible by employing a longer lens, for instance, ─ this may be especially important during the ceremony or the toast. That way, you’ll be able to do your job efficiently and make the whole experience fun for everyone.

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