Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring a Wedding Planner

wedding planningPlanning a wedding can be stressful for couples. It is surely not easy to plan how to make this once-in-a-lifetime event successful and memorable. Imagine how many suppliers and vendors you need to find and talk to. Or, think about the different bridal shops, restaurants and flower shops you must visit before deciding on which products and services to avail.

Wedding planning is certainly not easy and this is one of the reasons why some couples chose to hire a wedding planner. A wedding planner is somehow who is hired to manage, organize or handle the wedding of a couple. Professional wedding planners, in general, are great in organizing weddings, choosing wedding items and giving ideas for couples to think about.

But well, there are advantages and disadvantages of hiring a wedding planner that you must be aware of.


  1. Plan better and easier

Using his/her knowledge and experience, a wedding planner can meticulously lay out the plan for your wedding – from the wedding style and clothing to the wedding party. Your wedding planner can initiate the planning and choosing but the final decision will still depend on you and your partner.

  1. Lessen your worries

As long as you hire a dependable and experienced wedding planner, then you have fewer worries to think about. You can just relay to the wedding planner what you and your partner want or expect from the wedding, then the planner can get started in finding what you need. This can give you more free time to prepare yourself for the actual wedding date.

  1. Get easily connected with wedding vendors

Having worked with many wedding vendors or professional, your wedding planner knows who the right people to hire and what services are suitable for you. He/she can present various options for you to choose from. Moreover, the planner can even get discounts for you from his/her friends in the wedding industry or from stores he/she usually frequents when working on a wedding.

  1. Receive professional help and advice

The extensive experience of your wedding planner can help you decide faster about different things. The planner can provide reliable advice since he/she knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to weddings


  1. Additional cost

This is an additional wedding cost which may worry the couple especially if they are following a strict budget. But then, it is surely worth adding to your budget for a great wedding planner can really help make your wedding run smoothly.

  1. Less control of the wedding

You will have less control of the wedding which still depends on how you want it. If you are busy with work or other stuff, then giving more control to the planner is fine as long as you what’s happening. You still get to make the final decisions.

  1. Risk of hiring an incompetent

Like choosing a wedding photographer, you need to find someone who is really competent so you won’t be wasting your hard-earned money for nothing. There is surely some risks which you need to counter by choosing a planner wisely.

Wedding planning requires time, effort and patience. With a professional wedding planner around, planning will be less difficult for you and your partner. You can enjoy and create more wonderful memories together.

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