4 Helpful Ways to Stay Within Your Wedding Budget

wedding tipsWedding can be costly for an engaged couple. You have to buy various items and pay for wedding services. A wedding budget must be set early when you start planning for your wedding so you will know up to how much you can spend. If you are on a shoestring budget, then all the more you need to divide your wedding budget carefully.

There are newlywed couples who admit spending more than their wedding budget. They either did not expect the rates to be high or there are additional expenses they had to incur. You do not have to follow their lead though. There are ways you can stay within your budget so you won’t end up worrying on how to pay debts or asking financial help from parents.

Here are some helpful ways on how you can stick to your wedding budget.

  1. Prepare a priority list

A priority checklist containing the wedding services and items you need to order or acquire is important to have at the onset of wedding planning. Once you have set a wedding, you can start listing the things you need including the price or rate for each.

You can research for the estimated price/ rates in your location or ask help from family or friends who may have knowledge in wedding planning. Try to list the wedding items according to priority. Let’s say, write the wedding venue, wedding caterer and wedding photography on top of the list then include optional items at the bottom.

  1. Invite only the closest family and friends

Your wedding is an intimate event that is best celebrated with the ones you love. Prepare a guest list by writing first most important people such as your relatives and friends you need to invite. Decide on how many you should invite with consideration to the venue and of course your budget. Keep in mind that the more people you invite, the higher the wedding cost. Hence, it is advisable to invite only the closest if you want to stay within your wedding budget.

  1. Spend less on one-time use wedding items

Although a wedding is very special for the couple particularly the brides, you don’t have to spend too much on a wedding dress. There are wedding dresses that you can buy at a lower price or if you want to really save on cost, you can rent one. Also, if you want to stay within your budget, then try to spend less on other wedding items like the flowers or wedding decors that you can only use once. You can even get a wonderful bridal bouquet at a good price.

  1. Learn to negotiate

When meeting with a wedding professional like Wedding photographer staffordshire , be very meticulous in choosing one. Compare and check the packages or service they are offering. Try to negotiate to have it at a lower cost without of course affecting the quality you expect. Some wedding vendors, at first, will try to present you with high rates but will later agree on a lower cost once you negotiate well. Try to negotiate or lower down the cost and once everything has been agreed upon, make sure the details are written in the contract that both parties will sign.

A wedding can be successful without spending too much. Just plan, research and manage it well so everything will go smoothly.

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What You Need to Know About Reportage Wedding Photography

Taking photographs of an event can be difficult especially if it is a wedding. Wedding photographers need to carefully plan and prepare in covering the wedding.

It is not a simple shooting of event because the newlyweds will store the pictures you took. These wedding pictures should tell a unique story of the couple’s love and this story can be shared with the future generation on both sides.

As a wedding photographer, you need to be skilled and knowledgeable in taking pictures. You also need to develop your own style that will make you stand out among many professional wedding photographers.

There are different basic photography styles that you can choose from and from these styles you can choose one, modify it to your preference and offer it to potential clients.

One of the popular wedding photography styles is reportage photography. In reportage wedding photography, the buckinghamshire wedding photographer tells a story of the wedding through taking candid shots from the wedding preparations to the wedding party. Further, this style of photography is less formal yet shows real emotions, expressions of the couple and their guests during the wedding.

A reportage photographer takes pictures discreetly and usually doesn’t give directions for formal poses. There are reportage photographers though who modify their reportage style and take some formal couple and group shots. These shots are often taken before the wedding ceremony or while the bride and groom are separately preparing themselves for the wedding.

Here are some tips on how you can become a great reportage photographer:

  1. Know the flow of the wedding. You can ask the couple for a copy of the wedding itinerary. This can help you plan or strategize on where to position yourself to take shots for every moment that unfolds.
  2. Study the different angles to get more creative shots. By practicing on what shots to take you can produce more brilliant images that will impress the clients.
  3. Visit the location ahead or attend the wedding rehearsal. Going to the venue ahead of the wedding day can help you plan better on the shoots you will take.
  4. Dress like a guest. The wedding guests will be less conscious and you can move around unnoticeably if they are not aware you are taking pictures. Get inspiration from the website of Hampshire wedding photographer.
  5. Be unobtrusive especially on intimate moments like the exchange of vows. Your camera should be set properly so less to no noise can be heard.

Being a professional reportage wedding photographer can be easy if you spend time to learn about this style of photography. Once you’ve mastered the style, you can modify it to your taste and to your clients’ needs.  By having a unique style, you can gain an edge over the hoard of wedding photographers you are competing with.

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