The 5 Things You Must Learn About Your Camera

dslrCongratulations, you’ve just purchased your dream DSLR camera! You are now very excited to use it but suddenly you realized that you don’t know where to start. You stopped in your track and began flicking through the pages of the manual. There are lots of things listed in the manual that you need ample time to learn everything.

So, what now are the basic things you need to learn about your camera to be able to capture a perfect first shot?

Well, there are 5 basic things you need to study and understand first about your DSLR. Below are short descriptions for each of these 5 important things.

  1. Shutter speed

Shutter speed refers to how fast or slow the shutter of your camera is. The length of time the shutter is open is measured in second or fractions of a second. Examples are 1s, ½ s, ¼ s and so on.  Setting the shutter to a faster speed can help freeze motion while choosing a lower speed can result to a blurry image suggesting that the subject is in motion.

Fast shutter speed is usually used by sports photographers when shooting a sport event or game. It can help them get a clear, high resolution picture of the athlete in motion because they can freeze the action.

  1. Aperture

Aperture refers to how wide or small the opening of the camera lens is. The wider the opening of the camera is, the more light will enter. A wide aperture can make the background blurry so the focus is on the main subject. It is known as “f-stop” and this f-stop can immensely affect the end result of your captured image.

Patricia of newborn photography Pittsburgh can help you learn how to choose the right aperture.

  1. ISO

ISO is another setting in your camera that you need to master. ISO measures the light that enters the sensor. A high ISO can produce bright images which can be good when you want an image to appear bright even in low light. But then, too much light in high ISO can give you grainy images which can be disappointing.

To keep it balanced, it is important to learn what aperture and shutter speed settings work best with the ISO lever/number you want to use.

  1. White Balance and Exposure

White Balance and exposure are two different things but both aspects matter a lot in photography. Exposure refers to how light or dark the result picture can be. Some pictures get either underexposed (less light) while others get overexposed (too bright) it.

On the other hand, white balance refers to how warm or cool the light is. With white balance, a user aims to maintain the exact whiteness of the subject when it was photographed. Sussex wedding photographer can help you understand white balance and exposure.

  1. Shooting Modes

Different brands of DSLR cameras offer various shooting modes. The most common that you can find in most DSLRs are as follows:

Manual  Mode– you will totally control the settings of the camera. You will set the shutter speed, exposure, white balance, ISO among many others.

Aperture Priority mode – you set the depth of field and the camera automatically takes care of the shutter speed.

AV Mode – you set the aperture and ISO settings and the camera adjusts the speed of the shutter.

Shutter Priority – you adjusts the speed of the shutter and the camera automatically sets the right aperture.

By understanding these 5 things, you can most likely get the perfect shots that you desire. Study and master how to adjust the settings of your camera because who knows someday you might become a professional photographer.

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