Top 6 Tips in Becoming a Great Newborn Photographer

newborn photographyChoosing to become a newborn photographer has its advantages and challenges. You get to take pictures of very adorable subjects and have fun using props for more creative shots. And yet, it can also be nerve-racking especially if you are new to it. Skills, equipment and experience (or lack of it) are among the factors that can affect your success or failure in the field of newborn photography.

To become a great newborn photographer, you have set your into it and follow these simple yet important tips.

1. Be equipped with the right equipment

It won’t be possible to gain skills in photography particularly newborn photography if you are not equipped with a camera, lenses and other accessories. You need a dependable camera to practice shooting, lenses to produce your desired shots or images.

When it comes to newborn photography, you can choose a DSRL or mirrorless camera to use in photographing newborns. Of course, a DSLR gives sharper images but it is more expensive than mirrorless. If you can afford a DSLR, then go ahead and buy one. Great brands include Canon, Nikon and Sony.

2. Establish good relationship with clients

It is easier to do a task if you get along with the people around you. Same goes for newborn photographers, it will be easier for you to do you work if you know how to deal with parents and establish good relationships with them. Answer all questions from clients, give references, show your work portfolio and be totally honest with them. Assure them that their baby is safe in your hands.

If they have a good experience with you, then they will surely recommend you to their friends. Word of mouth can surely give your business a push higher towards success.

3. Choose safe props

Babies are delicate beings who really need to be handled with care. You need to choose props that are safe for the babies. Your blankets, baskets and other props must not cause any allergy or harm to the newborn. If the baby gets harmed due to negligence, then your career and business will be at risk. Always think of your clients’ welfare before and during the shoot.

4. Learn how to control the light

Available light is different from location to location. You need to master how to control the light in different situations. By mastering how and when to use light modifiers of how to produce the right light, you can surely produce more brilliant newborn shots which can quality you as a great newborn photographer.

5. Study the angles

Taking a course in newborn photography can help you learn how to take shots in different angles and techniques on how to do them. You will also be trained how to do the shoots properly. Experts will impart their knowledge to you and this can be very beneficial in making you a brilliant photographer.

6. Give priority to the baby

From the name itself “newborn photography”, you should already aware that in newborn photography, the focus is the baby. You need to think of every detail that might have a good or bad effect to the baby and to the photo shoot in general.

If you really love newborn photography, then you must show dedication and passion for it. Aim to become one of the greatest photographers. Start by following the tips above.

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