Top 8 Football Photography Tips

footballFootball is a fun, thrilling and nerve-racking sport. The players in the field move fast that it is sometimes difficult to catch what’s happening. Photographers who cover football games surely need to be skilled and knowledgeable on football photography. These football photographers must be able to capture precious moments no matter how fast-paced and intense the game is.

Amateur sports photographers who will be covering football games soon will have to learn ways on how to cover this kind of sport. If you are interested to become a football photographer or just simply want to photography football games, then here are some tips for you.

  1. Understand the game

The first and most important thing to do is to understand the game. Know the basics of football and learn more specific details of the league you are planning to cover. By knowing how the game runs and how it played, you can plan better on when or how to take shots. You can anticipate what will happen next if you understand the game. The better you are at anticipating, the more chance of getting those precious action shots.

  1. Study your camera

Camera manufacturers offer different models with specific features intended for a purpose. Make sure to find time to learn, practice and understand how to set your camera. Know the shooting modes available in your camera. Most commonly used in football photography are shutter priority, aperture priority, continuous mode or similar.

  1. Practice and visit the field

Practice using your camera and visit the field or venue ahead of the anticipated game. Determine what the best angles are and where to position your camera. If it is your first time to cover a football game, make sure to practice a lot in preparation for the shoot.

  1. Bring a tripod

A tripod can provide stability for your camera and help lessen the burden of holding it by hand.  Cameras are generally heavy especially when long lenses are attached. You can compose your shots better if you place your DSLR on a tripod then use a zoom or telephoto lens to shoot.

  1. Use a telephoto and wide angle lenses

Since the football field is too huge and the action happens in the field, you need to use a telephoto lens and zoom in to take shots. The ideal length of the telephoto lens is 300mm f/2.8 or for better shots a 400mm telephoto lens. You can use the wide angle lens to capture the entire scene in the football game. Even wedding photographer andover uses  a wide angle lens when taking a shot of the wedding venue.

  1. Choose the right mode

When photographing a football game, you can set the mode to shutter priority to capture fast movement without getting blurry images. You can also set it to continuous focusing so the lens will adjust and choose on the correct subject to focus on.

It is also wise to adjust the shutter speed higher whenever necessary so you can capture sharp and not blurry images of the player in action.

  1. Check your ISO

Cameras have different ISO limitations thus it is vital for to check ahead on what is ISO capacity of your unit. You need to change the ISO levels depending on the available light. You should be able to control the ISO and shutter speed of your camera to get the shots right. Again, studying your own camera is vital. Visit for more help tips and ideas on professional photography.

  1. Focus on the who’s holding the ball

More intense and interesting actions usually happen where the ball is. Focus on where it’s going and get some shots of the player. The expression on a player’s face says a lot about the game so make sure to take some close up shots of the football players. It is also great if at times you take close up shots of the fans for it will certainly reflect how happy or nervous they are.

Try to use these tips and find more online so you can be more prepared for the big football day.

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