Top Wedding Photography Tips For Beginner Photographers

Are you just starting out in wedding photography? As a photographer, you know you have to deliver the exact results your clients want. This can be quite a challenge, even for the most seasoned. Switching from one angle, venue or setting to another is not as easy as it seems, but you have to get the job done at the end of the day. Thankfully, capturing incredible images is not entirely impossible. By keeping a few things in mind, you can be able to take photos that relive the day when people look at them. Here a few tips to help you.

  1. Meet the bride beforehand

One of the common complaints made by brides about wedding photographers is that they missed capturing a certain photo (like the bride with her friends). The best easiest way to avoid this is to meet with the bride prior to the wedding and request her to give you a shoot list. If possible, carry some sample photos along and have her pick the poses she wants. Be sure to jot down the list and mark off one at a time during the wedding day. You may also want to get the names of the maid of honor as well as the best man. These are usually involved in the planning and can help you better prepare for your duty.

  1. Wide aperture is better 

In general, employing a wide aperture on a lens can achieve an appealing effect for photography. It helps to keep the subject (s) in focus and makes the background slightly blurred. Important to note though is that accurate focus is needed in order to capture a good image.

  1. Tilt your camera

In wedding photography, the camera does not always have to be in landscape/portrait format. There’s no harm in trying out something different. Camera tilt can help add a sense of motion to any image. Simply try to align composition lines at different diagonals in the images to create impact. However, do not overdo it. One image may be enough.

  1. Try a telephoto lens

Another wedding photography tip for beginner photographers is to switch to a telephoto lens. This can be especially useful if you notice the bride & groom aren’t relaxed or interacting freely while you’re capturing images. The lens will keep you away from the action, allowing you to take the photos as the couple is able to interact naturally. Telephoto lenses also create very interesting perspective effects that can add some drama to photos. You should be careful to minimize chances of camera shake which is normally associated with these types of lenses.

  1. Maintain some distance 

Wedding couples typically want a photographer who’s personable & cheerful, but you have to keep in mind that the occasion is all about them, not you. The point is to avoid getting too much into the way. Try to be invisible whenever possible by employing a longer lens, for instance, ─ this may be especially important during the ceremony or the toast. That way, you’ll be able to do your job efficiently and make the whole experience fun for everyone.

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